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PSI Global Training is dedicated to building a workforce for the future. We’re committed to helping organisations develop and implement effective strategies to get more people in our communities back to work, and committed to helping workers in our industry succeed in their career.

After becoming the first agency affiliate member of Train the Painter in 2022, we knew it could become a great opportunity to help close the skills gap in our industry and get more people back to work. PSI Global Training opened their dedicated training centre in Liverpool in 2023, and launched the three initiatives that make up the new division: Community Initiative, Industrial Coating Initiative, and Rehabilitation Initiative.

Our team of experienced trainers and consultants work closely with our clients to identify their unique needs, and design customised training programs that help them meet their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and community engagement goals. We work with a diverse range of clients, including large corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and government agencies. Our clients come to us to help make a positive impact on their communities, and they trust us to help them achieve their goals.

Leveraging the latest technology and teaching methods, we ensure that our training is engaging, interactive, and effective. With an experienced, dedicated trainer leading our courses, our aim is to provide high quality training to help individuals develop the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their career. Helping our students to achieve their goals is an important step in bridging the skills gap and addressing an issue that’s become all too common in our industry.

We’re passionate about making a difference. We believe that when organisations invest in CSR and community engagement, they not only make a positive impact on their communities, but they also benefit their employees, customers, and shareholders. Join PSI Global Training today and let us help you create a better community!

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