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Contractors Urged to Adhere to Covid Rules Following 19 July Restriction Lift

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has released a statement urging contractors to continue adhering to Covid restrictions following the new government guidance, which lifts restrictions like mask-wearing and social distancing, from 19 July 2021. They’ve stated their Site Operating Procedures and Branch Operating Procedures will remain available as reference guidelines only.

Although they can no longer enforce the previous legal guidelines of mask-wearing and social distancing on-site, the CLC is encouraging people on-site to continue following the previous guidelines as implementing them over the past 18 months has allowed the construction industry to continue working safely.

In their statement, the group explained that despite not being able to push the previous guidance, many businesses have appreciated the guidance that the CLC has shared throughout the pandemic. They’ve said of each business that “They may choose, or be asked, to maintain elements of social distancing for the time being, in which case the Site Operating Procedures and Branch Operating Procedures should continue to be followed.” The CLC has also strongly advised enhanced communication with the workforce and increased ventilation are continued despite the change in legal guidance.

As of Monday 19 July it is still recommended by the government that people continue to wear face masks in crowded areas to prevent further spread of the virus. This could apply in certain circumstances on-site, so it’s best to have an open discussion with your site manager if you’re unsure.

If you’re not sure about what guidelines are being recommended or enforced on the site you’re working on, or you’d like to discuss options to share a message with your on-site workforce, you can find your account manager’s details on our Meet the Team page to discuss this further.

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