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HR Services

A Full Range of Human Resourcing Services

This helps us to provide tried and tested solutions in relation to all staff issues, whilst at the same time providing clear-sighted HR advice. We always offer practical support in a professional but approachable way to help our workers and clients achieve the best possible results.

We understand that every situation is different and there is no ‘typical’ solution. Our strength is having a breadth of experience which allows us to bring specific solutions to help you address your individual unique scenarios. The Human Resources support we provide enables you to access a specialist HR consultant who will fully understand your needs, as well as providing you with some document essentials, on-hand advice, and guidance for all your HR support queries.

HR Support from PSI Global includes

  • Job Analysis and Design
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Induction and Probation Procedures
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Employee Benefits

“I have found my experience working with PSI to be outstanding.

“Every question I had was answered and every concern was smoothed out. I found the whole team to be very helpful and approachable, with nothing too big or too small to sort out!” -Jade Price, Fire Watcher

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