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Sector: Construction

PSI Global is the Leading Company for Construction Projects

Construction Recruitment Agency: Our expert construction recruitment team has many years of experience placing workers on key projects within and outside of the UK, working hard to build our reputation with construction industry clients and workers along the way. The workforce we place has a range of skillsets, which includes white-collar professionals such as senior and project managers, and blue-collar skilled and semi-skilled workers such as technicians and trades and labourers.

When you work with PSI Global’s construction recruitment agency team, you know precisely what we’re going to deliver, which will always include…

  • A professional recruitment service that benefits our clients and workers.
  • The supply of experienced trades and labour, and management operatives to large projects across the UK.
  • A full vetting process that ensures we’re compliant with client requirements and government legislation.
  • A complete search and select service from a large database of experienced workers.
  • On-site support to ensure our workforce is looked after both mentally and physically.
  • A dedicated account manager to work with our clients for the duration of the project.

“Everything has been great, from straightforward registration to being on-site.”

“Setting up wages has also been simple with no issues, and money is always in the bank on time. Site health and safety regulations are spot on, easy to follow and keep on top of, including clean canteens and social distancing in place all over the site.” -Leon McKee, Painter

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