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Sector: Infrastructure

PSI Global Offers a Wide Range of Infrastructure Roles and Expertise

We work with a wide variety of professionals who are skilled in different trades across the infrastructure sector. This includes roles like senior managers, technicians, engineers of all disciplines, project managers, supervisors, and administrators. We ensure our clients get the right expert and workforce for each project, with our team proactively recruiting from an extensive network of talent we’ve worked with on a number of projects over the years.

As a construction work agency for infrastructure, we enjoy a close working relationship with not only our workforce but a wide variety of established, notable, and high-profile clients. Our infrastructure recruitment team typically recruit to the following areas:

  • Airports: For the building of new airports and upgrading of existing airport infrastructure both landside and airside.
  • Geophysical Structures: Bridges, tunnels, and other similar transportation projects.
  • Utilities: Including engineering, design, commissioning, and scientific work.
  • Rapid Response: Emergency situations and critical event activity.

“I have worked for PSI for three months now and the experience has been exceptional.”

“They do a fantastic job of making the lads feel welcome. Every new starter has a meet and greet with every other employee, creating a good working relationship. There’s also room for progression, placing people on courses to better themselves, which is unheard of at other agencies!” – John Press, Costain – Preston

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