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Sector: Oil & Gas

PSI Global Provides Essential Recruitment Services to the Oil & Gas Sector

We’ve become well-known within the Oil & Gas sector for providing recruitment solutions that meet the needs of both our clients and our workforce. Promoting oil & gas job vacancies, our recruitment team already have relationships with a variety of companies across the UK and beyond, which allows us to quickly place our workers in roles that fit their specialised skillset.

Our team have built a strong network of workers within the Oil & Gas sector – from Engineering to Health & Safety – and are continuing to build those relationships by registering more skilled workers each day into our database.

When you’re looking for an Oil & Gas role or building a team for your project, you can rest assured that our team will…

  • Provide our workers with clear and concise information on the job at hand, meeting with our clients before each project begins.
  • Offer our workers opportunities for upskilling so they can continue to grow in their careers.
  • Contact those registered in our database when relevant oil and gas job vacancies become available that match their skillset and our clients’ requirements.
  • Ensure that the right equipment and protection is on-site, and provide additional as needed.

“I have found my experience working with PSI Global to be outstanding.”

“Every question I had was answered and every concern was smoothed out. I found the whole team to be very helpful and approachable, with nothing too big or too small to sort out!” – Jade Price

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