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About Rebecca

Name: Rebecca Law

Director (Industrial/Marine)

I'm a hardworking and reliable recruiter with over eight years of experience within a customer and client-focused environment. Adaptive and responsive to change, adhering to ever-changing policies and procedures, I continue to be a trustworthy, patient, experienced, competent reliable person who loves a challenge! I can work alone to reach any targets given and can work actively as a team member. I am a creative and inventive thinker, who craves a challenge and who is not afraid to work outside my comfort zone. My interpersonal skills are highly refined, and much of my career has been oriented around client-facing roles, in which I’ve demonstrated a consistent record of exceeding demanding business and personal goals. I have the drive and determination to make a difference to improve both customer service and business delivery. I'm a confident and reliable individual with a commercial and practical approach to solving problems. If you're looking to recruit for your next project and want to learn more about what PSI Global can offer, contact me today!

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