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Community Initiative in Rosyth

Who Did We Work With?

The team at PSI Global Training Limited worked in partnership with Kaefer on Rosyth Dockyard.

The Project

PSI Global Training has started a Community Initiative within the training programme. The initiative focuses on giving back to the local communities we work in while also helping to build skills for the future, benefitting the local economy. The goal is to create a sustainable and impactful program that empowers individuals and strengthens the community.

Through our Community Initiative, our aim is to provide opportunities for community members to develop new skills and improve existing skills. This may be through training, work experience, or enhancing employability skills. By building these skills, the individuals going through the programme will not only enhance their personal and professional growth, but will also be able to contribute to the local economy by increasing their employability and productivity.

We believe that giving back to the community is essential in creating a strong and healthy society. This Community Initiative fits with our ethos and will work towards identifying and addressing the needs of the local community, helping to leave a positive legacy in the areas we work in.

PSI Global is an Agency Affiliate Member of Train the Painter. The programme is the “world’s leading industry recognised and fully accredited Industrial Coating Applicator Training Programme.” Of our work with The Corrodore Academy and Train the Painter with our Community Initiative, Community Director Lucy Pavia shared that “The Corrodere Academy are committed to offering a high standard of accredited training to the protective coating industry with the goal of raising standards in workmanship, keeping morale high within the workforce, and encouraging the youngsters to join the industry. We are delighted to be supporting PSI Global with this community initiative, it is just what our industry needs.”

What We Did

As an Affiliate Member of Train the Painter, we worked together with a Fife based employability project owned by Kingdom Housing Association who support people back into employment. Kingdom Housing Association provided PSI Global with £500 per person for training and put on Employability Workshops. They also applied for the trainees’ disclosure Scotland certificates.

Week one in May 2023 included the Kingdom Works Employability Workshops. During the Employability Workshops, the future workers covered employers’ expectations, CV building, the hidden job market, interview skills, and had an employer visit from Kaefer and PSI Global. This was followed by a full day dedicated to completing all their dockyard security forms.

The following week they attended a Kaefer induction, and then a five-day Train the Painter course put on by PSI Global’s Ionut Bivolaru. The final week in mid-June started nine weeks of on-the-job work experience with Kaefer.

Employability Officer Vicki Keith shared that the trainees had been, “such a great group of clients to work with so far, and we are delighted to be supporting them with this opportunity.”

The Results

We have six people on the initiative, and they have recently started their fourth week of on-the-job work experience. We currently have a 55% rate of retention. Each individual will have an interview with Kaefer in August 2023 to see if permanent employment is suitable for them.

PSI Global’s Ionut Bivolaru who ran the training course was very pleased with the outcome and the engagement of the trainees. “I have really enjoyed doing the TTP training for those that have started on the Community Initiative. They were really interested and engaged throughout. I can’t wait to see their development over the nine weeks of on-the-job experience.”

Of the Community Initiative, PSI Global Training Director Rebecca Law shared her delight at the project getting off to a flying start. “Making a positive impact in the communities we are working in is something that is important to us at PSI Global. The individuals involved have had three weeks of training which have included employability skills, Multiply workshops, and Train the Painter training. They have now started on-site to start developing their knowledge and experience, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how they progress in their careers.”

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