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PSI Global Training has a number of services available that can be offered on an ad hoc basis at our training centre in Liverpool. If you’re interested in booking or discussing any of the below training services, please contact us directly on


Qualitative Half Mask Face Fitting

 A face fit test is a procedure that ensures the Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) you use fits correctly to protect against hazards identified in a risk assessment. As detailed in the CoSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations, it is a legal requirement that those using tight fitting RPE must be fit tested by a competent person.

Qualitative testing assesses the effectiveness of a tight-fitting facepiece, such as a respirator, to ensure that it properly seals to the wearer’s face and provides the intended level of protection. Unlike quantitative testing, qualitative testing relies on the wearer’s subjective response (taste) to the test agent, and it is a pass/fail test.

Our staff are trained in Qualitative Fit Testing and can test either on-site or in our facility in Liverpool.

Testing Process

The test itself involves wearing a mask or respirator and performing a series of exercises to ensure that the mask fits correctly. These exercises may include normal breathing, deep breathing, moving your head from side to side, up and down, bending at the waist, and talking. The tester will decide which tests to conduct based on what type of mask or respirator you have.

Qualitative Fit Test

There are two common methods of qualitative tests, the Bitrex Test and the Saccharin Test.

Bitrex Test: This involves the introduction of a bitter-tasting aerosol (Bitrex) into the hood while the wearer performs a series of exercises. If the wearer can taste the bitter solution, it indicates that there is a leakage in the mask.

Saccharin Test: Similar to the Bitrex test, but it uses a sweet-tasting aerosol (saccharin) instead. If the wearer can taste the sweet solution, it suggests that there is a leak in the mask.

Test Results

After the test, the tester will inform you if you have passed or failed. If you pass, you will gain a certificate that confirms your mask’s suitability and the date of the test. This certificate is valid for two years and should be kept in a safe place. If you have failed, the tester will provide you with guidance on how to improve the fit of your mask or recommend a different type of mask that may be more suitable for you.

Overall, face fit testing is an essential step in ensuring your safety in the workplace. It is a simple and quick process that can provide peace of mind and protect you from harmful substances.

Industrial Coating Trade Testing

We have developed three trade tests. One for industrial painting, spraying and blasting. The trade test is made up of two parts, a written test and a practical test. This means we can work together with companies to trade test candidates identified to start on a project to the companies standards before they arrive onto site.

Bespoke Company Training

We can work with companies alongside our trainer to create bespoke courses through our training services in our Liverpool facility. We can create a replica in our facility and workers can then practice in a controlled environment before arriving onto site. This is particularly useful when starting a new project or a skills gap has been identified.

Small Contracts

We have the capability for items to be prepared, painted, blasted or sprayed at our unique facility in Liverpool. We work in partnership with our customers at sites around the UK to meet any specifications or requirements, and we employ teams of highly skilled Management, Paint Sprayers, Shot Blasters, and Inspectors.


Speak to us if you would like to hire our facility. This includes a classroom area, and painting and blasting booths. If you’re interested in this option, please include the dates and number of people you’re looking to use the space for.

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