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Bringing Healthy Eating into the Construction Industry

PSI Global Recruitment is continuing its commitment to wellbeing by partnering with Fuel Cabin to bring healthy eating to the M6 Smart Motorway Project.

A Partnership for Wellbeing

The recruitment team at PSI Global have always put the workforce first. Wellbeing is always a big part of that, looking after both the physical and mental health of each person working on-site. With this in mind, the idea came about to introduce a healthy eating option to our workers on a new project.

The partnership with Fuel Cabin came about in mid-2021. Group Managing Director Steve Crawford approached the Liverpool based catering company in an effort to bring healthy eating into the construction industry.

“PSI Global wanted to bring better quality food to our site canteens, which is why we decided to go into partnership with Fuel Cabin,” said Crawford. “After seeing the healthier options now available for our workers while they’re on-site, the partnership with the healthy eating bistro has definitely been the right choice and something we will definitely consider for our other sites across the UK.”

Healthy Eating on the M6

The new healthy eating options are available to our workers on the M6 Smart Motorway Project. PSI Global recently started on the M6 in early January 2021. The aim of the project is to support our client to deliver improvements to the 11.1-mile section of the M6 between junctions 21a and 26. The main goal of the project is to upgrade this stretch of the M6 to an All-Lane Running (ALR) smart motorway.

At the moment PSI Global employs Groundworkers, FLS (Working Supervisors), Traffic Marshalls, and Gatemen. There are over 250 people on-site, including office staff, sub-contractors, and the PSI Global workforce. All 250 people working on-site have been able to enjoy the new healthy options provided by Fuel Cabin.

Account Manager Kelsey Hurst is regularly on-site with the workforce and has found the new options to be ideal for our workers. “All of the workers are working in the central reservation, so once they start work at 7 am, they aren’t able to leave until the end of the day,” she explained.

While there is the option of a butty van that drives onto the site, having the added option of Fuel Cabin gives them the option of pre-ordering a healthy lunch. This is done in the canteen at the start of their day and is then delivered to them for their lunch break.

A Welcome Change On-Site

The option of healthy food from Fuel Cabin on-site has been a welcome change for the workforce. Hurst has received some great feedback from a number of workers, with several saying they prefer the healthier options as the food “doesn’t leave you feeling tired.”

Others shared that they’re really enjoying the new options and the food is “still tasty, even though it’s also healthy.” Hearing such great feedback from PSI Global’s workers on the M6, it’s clear that the healthy eating partnership with Fuel Cabin has been a great success.

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