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Mental Health Tips for Construction Workers

Mental Health Tips for Construction Workers

Many in the construction sector may have physical health at the front of their minds as it’s important for them to stay in good health in order to do their jobs. But did you know that, according to ONS, one construction worker takes their life each day? It’s an awful statistic, but one that shows how important mental health is, and how much people aren’t paying attention to the consequences of inaction.

Mental Health in the Workplace

While top tips like unplugging from work when you leave the office or going for a walk on your lunch break might work for those with office jobs, they’re not very relevant for construction workers. But there are plenty of tips to help you boost your mental health while on site.

1. Talk to a co-worker: We may not be close with everyone at work, but if there’s someone you’ve made a connection with that you feel you can open up to, that social connection can certainly help.

2. Open company culture: If you’re in a position of management, there are plenty of things you can do for your team’s mental health. One of them is ensuring that you create an environment of transparency within your team can in turn make your team members feel more comfortable in opening up to you.

3. Learn a new skill: Taking on a task that could help to boost your future prospects or mentoring a junior member of your team can help to boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Mental Health at Home

It may not always be that you’re feeling your lowest at work. For some, it could be that work is the place that makes them happy, or takes them away from their mental health issues for a time. So it’s important to consider what you can do for positive mental health while you’re at home as well.

1. Stay fit: You’ll likely want to stay fit for your job anyhow, however, going for a walk with a loved one or trying something like yoga could be relaxing for the mind while also good for the body.

2. Get a good night’s sleep: Sleep is so important in maintaining a clear mind and good mental health. Many of us will know that we should avoid caffeine late into the day or stay on our phones before falling asleep, but instead, consider relaxing techniques like meditation, and make sure your sleep schedule is consistent each day.

3. Stay connected: Social relationships outside of the workplace are equally important for your mental health. According to the NHS, social connections can help you to “build a sense of belonging and self-worth” as well as having the “emotional support” that we all need.

Talk About Mental Health

It’s so important to keep mental health at the front of your mind, especially for our colleagues working in the construction industry. Many of our team members have been certified by The Royal College of Psychiatrists for promoting positive workplace mental health and wellbeing. If you find yourself struggling and need someone to talk to, our team members are on-site regularly and are there to help with any mental health support you may need.

If you want further information about the mental health support our team can provide, call our team now on 0800 009 2997 to speak to the team member on your project. Alternatively, you can discreetly email the team at

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