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About Us: Workforce First

At PSI Global, We Always Put Our Workforce First

Putting our workers first means supplying information about wellbeing (physical and mental health, and fatigue management), offering training opportunities, and rewarding hard work. Making our workforce’s wellbeing our top priority helps to create loyalty, job satisfaction, reliability, and a drive to do the best possible work for our clients.

A big part of our culture is taking a positive approach as we help our workers and clients to build, create, and learn. Our expert recruitment team believe in creating a better environment for our workers and a mindset that encourages people to grow and achieve. We put in the extra effort to ensure payroll is always on time, our workers are rewarded, and that they’re looked after to the highest possible standards.

Workforce First Means…


  • Looking after our workforce to the highest possible standards.
  • Training and upskilling opportunities for career growth.
  • Our workers physical and mental health is our top priority.
  • We regularly reward and recognise hard work.
  • Creating a better environment for our workers.
  • Creating loyalty, job satisfaction & reliability.
  • Ensuring payroll is always on time.

“The team at PSI have looked after me since I started working for them.”

“I’m on the bypass at Preston doing various jobs, and the team is in contact with me daily, and any problems are taken care of for me.” -Brian Dewhurst, Pipe Layer, Costain – Preston

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