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Going the Extra Mile Programme: July Double Winners Leanne and Matt

Last month we launched our new Going the Extra Mile programme, highlighting the great work that our team members do for our workforce and the local communities we work in. We had such a great response internally that we’ve awarded it to two of our valued team members for July: Leanne Doyle and Matthew McGinty.

Meet Leanne

Leanne joined PSI Global two years ago, coming to the company with over nine years of experience in the recruitment industry. Leanne is a Senior Account Manager who has been the primary point of contact and account manager for Costain’s Preston Bypass Project.

At PSI Global, our aim is to always put our workers first, and Leanne lives by those values in her work with the team on-site in Preston. “Workers first to me means if you look after the workers and they are happy, then they will do a good job, which also means a happy client. It’s a domino effect I think.”

Leanne’s nomination came from Recruitment Account Manager Kelsey Hurst. For Kelsey, it was all about Leanne being a hard worker and her dedication to the workers on-site in Preston. “Leanne goes above and beyond on-site. She’s there at least once a week to make sure both our candidates and our client are happy with the service provided.”

The two have worked together for the past year, and Kelsey shared that she’s gained a lot from Leanne by helping with the Costain project, from learning how to look after the site to managing all the Direct PAYE information.

As Leanne’s personal motto says “there is no traffic jam along the extra mile!” and going the extra mile is what keeps Leanne motivated. Her goal is to see the Preston Bypass Project through to completion, knowing that she’s put everything into it. She’s also dedicated to the team she works with and hopes to continue to make everyone at PSI Global proud of the work she’s doing. “Everyone here works so hard, so this nomination has really boosted my confidence!”

In the coming months, Leanne’s objectives are to get more people out on-site and maintain the great relationships she’s built with the team at Costain and the workers on-site.

Introducing Matthew

Despite just joining the team this summer, Payroll Administrator Matthew McGinty has already made quite the impression on everyone at PSI Global. In fact, his nominator Operations Manager Sarah Ainsworth shared that, “he took over the payroll after 2-3 days of training and just ran with it!”

Matthew has already gotten on board with our company values around putting our workforce first. For him, it’s about keeping them happy, “Without them there is no us, so making sure they’re happy is the main priority, and in my role, that means making sure they’re paid on time and their hours are correct.” He’s done a great job so far, as our clients have all been very pleased with the work he’s done. Sarah commented that thanks to Matt, our workers’ timesheets are in and processed early, and the number of payroll queries are next to none.

He’s settled in very quickly with the team and has already proven to be a self-starter. Nominator Sarah said of his first week, “I just gave him an overview on his first day, and by the time I had checked in with him he had just got on and done everything. He’s just taken it all on board and got a great handle on it very early on.” It’s no surprise as Matthew is motivated to be the best at what he does and to better himself in every area possible to succeed in his role. It ties in well with his motto, “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”

The nomination so early on in his time at PSI Global was a surprise and a welcome motivator for Matthew “to do even better than what I’m currently doing.” His main focus in the upcoming months is to take on more responsibility where possible “and see where the road takes me.” He’s even been asking for additional tasks to help the team, helping in areas like compliance, CV registrations, and data cleansing.


Stay tuned as we announce a new winner next month and learn more about another valued member of the PSI Global Recruitment family. If you’re interested in working with us or registering your details for upcoming jobs and inductions, call us now on 0800 009 2997.

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