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Going the Extra Mile Winner: Apprentice Megan Parr

Our Going the Extra Mile programme highlights the great work our team is doing for our workers across the UK. The programme is open to everyone in our team, including our three apprentices who work hard for us as they continue to learn and grow in their careers. Our winner for August happens to be one of those apprentices, Megan Parr from our Industrial Services team!

Meet Megan

Megan joined the team over the summer in June as a Recruitment Administrator and quickly got to work with our Industrial Services team. She’s already learned a lot in her time with PSI Global and is driven by “the great candidates who do their duties to the best of their abilities.”

Though she’s still new to recruitment and learning the ropes at PSI Global, she’s had help along the way from her new team. Her inspiration comes from the team itself, specifically Divisional Manager Rebecca Law. “Despite her heavy workload, Rebecca always creates time to help me if I have a question or need training on a topic.”

Rebecca herself has been very impressed with how Megan has fit into the team and how quickly she’s learning. “She’s very efficient, proactive, and is already showing initiative. Megan is a quick learner and is already picking up things well in the team.”

As she’s settled into the business and the Industrial Services team, she’s easily taken the company values on board and is focused on putting our workforce first. “Putting our workers first means taking very good care of our candidates and that all workers are treated with respect and honesty.” This, she continued, includes things like making regular phone calls to our workers to ensure they have the support they need and holiday time they’re entitled to.

Gaining Experience and Skills

As an apprentice, Megan is part of a programme that is tailored for each apprentice to ensure they have a full understanding of the company and the role they’re taking on.

Operations Manager Sarah Ainsworth manages PSI Global’s relationship with Asset Training & Consultancy, who run the apprenticeship programme, and has been impressed with Megan’s performance so far. “As far as apprentices go, she’s come in and set the standard. She’s probably exceeded what we would normally expect from an apprentice in the short time she’s been with us. Her whole attitude towards work is great. She’s always willing to take on new things, and picks up everything she is shown and runs with it.”

Nominator Lee Austin echoed Sarah’s positive feedback, sharing that he’s been very impressed with the work that Megan has done within the Industrial Services team so far and is pleased to have her as an integral part of the team. “We’ve always supported providing opportunities for young people to grow within our company, and Megan has been an excellent example of this. She’s incredibly hard-working and has taken on every challenge presented to her. It’s been great to see how quickly she’s progressed in the team, and I’m excited to see her continued progression and growth in recruitment.”

Looking Forward

In the coming months, Megan has her sights set on travelling to some of our sites and getting to know our clients and candidates better, meeting them face-to-face to develop their professional relationships further.

Megan has certainly become an integral part of our Industrial Services team, and as the team continue to take on new projects will certainly have the opportunity to learn more in her growing recruitment career.


Stay tuned as we announce a new winner next month and learn more about another valued member of the PSI Global Recruitment family. If you’re interested in working with us or registering your details for upcoming jobs and inductions, call us now on 0800 009 2997.

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